“El título del disco, Caribe, es una declaración de amor a la ciudad y a la cultura que mira hacia esa coordenada en el continente.” 

“...Miami’s always been a powerhouse for Tropical music, but for alternative music not so much... but interestingly Locos por Juana has kind of managed to bridge that gap between Tropical and Caribbean Music and Alternative...” 

“Locos Por Juana is on the fast-track of securing that GRAMMY, and Caribe might just be the gem to get them there.”

Caribe is 15 tracks of pure positive vibes, making it simply impossible to not get up and move!”

“For more than 15 years, Locos por Juana has been wowing crowds with its distinct sound, fusing traditional Latin styles with hip-hop, rock and EDM. But the Miami-based band is on the cusp of what may be its most ambitious endeavor.”

“For more than 15 years, Locos por Juana has helped define a soundtrack unique to Miami, mixing elements of cumbia, champeta, salsa, soca, reggae and dancehall into a frenzy of fresh rhythms filled with inspiration born of migration and creative exchange.” 

Barajas grew up in Compton, graduated from Compton High School in 1995, and then became a paratrooper for the US Army 82nd Airborne out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Later in the show, we talk with Grammy-nominated Locos Por Juana.

“[Locos por Juana] has a devoted following thanks to its live performances and [three] albums...This hard-gigging ensemble from Miami delivers a wildly diverse sound, ranging from rock to reggae with a generous splash of Latino Caribbean sounds in between...” 

“Catch LPJ Live and see why this bouncy and eclectic outfit has been roping in a diverse mix of rabid fans in Europe, Puerto Rico and the US." 

"Blending relaxed reggae grooves with biting social commentary, hip-hop raps with brassy solos, Locos por Juana pulls listeners into a reverse Gulf Stream churning through the Straits of Florida south to Jamaica, Venezuela and Colombia, and over to Puerto Rico."

La banda de Miami lanzarán pronto un nuevo disco llamado "Caribe", el primer sencillo ya nos tiene bailando a todos. Mucho sabor y buena música con 'Mueve Mueve'

El homenaje es una gran idea impulsada por el grupo Locos por Juana que esa noche interpretará junto a otros músicos como Mariana Vega y El B las mejores canciones de Marley.

This bilingual band is an institution in its hometown of Miami. Having performed together with various lineups for upwards of a decade, the Grammy and Latin Grammy-nominated band encapsulates the sounds of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Miami’s own hometown swagger. —Hilary Saunders

 La Fiesta Loca: Spring Break Edition with Locos por Juana, Uma Galera, DJ Main Event, and DJ Mr. Brown. 8 p.m. Friday, April 8, at the Wynwood Yard, 56 NW 29th St. Miami; 305-447-8678; Tickets cost $12-$25 via

Locos por Juana estrena “The Cure”, con la participación de la estrella del reggae, Collie Buddz, segunda canción de su próximo disco, Caribe, que está disponible ya en iTunes y en todas las plataformas digitales.

Check out the lyric video for the second single by Locos Por Juana, The Cure, featuring Collie Buddz. The Cure was recorded between Miami, FL and Buddz’ native Bermuda and is produced by Locos Por Juana. The single, released March 18th, is taken from the band’s upcoming album Caribe.

Locos Por Juana is a self-described 'bilingual Latin Jam-Band', and what better blend of island style could there be than to incorporate a Bermuda native into the mix like Collie Buddz? “The Cure” is an ode to not only weed, but the idea of taking it easy – if only for the duration of the song.

"You Can Catch Locos por Juana on PBS’s Music Voyager a Music And Travel series that gives viewers a backstage pass to the world’s most popular and exciting music. No wonder why they choose Miami as their latest Episode featuring the Sounds of Locos Por Juana"

“Funky Miami-style fusion with exuberant energy and danceability that's thrillingly just this side of chaos -- great fun... [Locos Por Juana are] Miami's beloved Latin-reggae-hip-hop mash-up masters... La Verdad hums with energy and invention.” 

"Locos Por Juana formed in the year 2000 and in complete defiance of the then remaining concerns over the Y2K bug, forged on to become one of South Florida’s most successful bands. The two-time Grammy nominated band has..."

"2008 Grammy nominees for Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album, Locos Por Juana seem ready to rock out with the likes of Bob Marley but then take it to the next level." 

"Locos Por Juana seamlessly blend elements of rock and hip-hop with a wealth of Latin American rhythms and the Caribbean groove of reggae and ska..."

"One of our local jewels"


"The Mash Up Masters, Locos por Juana, are in the Billboard magazine again, this time in a Special SXSW Issue." 

"Locos por Juana played last week at 2 High Profile Official SXSW Events, MARCO WERMAN’S “ALL MUSIC IS WORLD MUSIC” and BILLBOARD EN ESPAÑOL."


Press Releases



Locos Por Juana tiene un anticipo de lo que será Somos de la calle, su quinto disco. Se trata del sencillo "Afro Sound"...


“It’s Always a Crazy Party With Locos Por Juana.” Locos Por Juana celebrate 11 years together as a band with a new single they debuted at Fusion’s Morning Show called “Mueve, Mueve.”


La banda Locos Por Juana, nominada al Grammy y Grammy Latino, presenta en exclusiva a través de su canal en VEVO el video de su nuevo...


Locos Por Juana is a Grammy-nominated, bilingual jam band notably recognized by their electrifying dynamism onstage and their unique take of Afro-Caribbean music. The present lineup consists of vocalist Itagui Correa, guitarist Mark Kondrat and drummer Javier Delgado, who form the nucleus of the group, joined by trombonist Lasim Richards and percussionist Carlos Palmet, and at times as many as five to seven guest musicians may join the band onstage. In other words, it’s a fiesta for Latinos to rejoice.


Miami, catch-basin of creativity from the Americas: The World's Marco Werman profiles the band Locos por Juana, from Colombia, via Miami.


La fusion de ritmos latinos hace que cada vez que se presentan ante un publico nadie se quede sentado y se vea en la obligacion se levantarse a bailar.



Locos Por Juana, la banda integrada por el vocalista Itagüí, el guitarrista Mark Kondrat y el baterista Javier Delgado,  nació con la energía de Miami. Ofrecen un sonido diverso que va desde el rock, sonidos latinos hasta el reggae. Son referencia en Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y el mundo y vuelven a la escena musical con “Mueve, Mueve” , canción debut de su sexto álbum de estudio, Caribe.


Miami es una ciudad que musicalmente resulta difícil etiquetar y sin duda uno de los exponentes que mejor logra acoplar esa esencia es Locos Por Juana, la banda que desde su formación en la Florida, se ha preocupado por explorar toda la dosis de ritmos que se respira por aquí.


La agrupación colombiana promociona el primer sencillo de su nuevo álbum "Caribe". También nos cuentan de dónde sale el nombre Juana y su vida familiar.


These guys may be un grupo de locos, but one thing's for sure: they are reggae/Latin/cumbia/fusion badasses. Locos Por Juana was successful from the start...


Check out the brand new video for “Mueve, Mueve”  first single off their sixth studio album, Caribe.


In case you thought you heard Locos por Juana on HBO this Saturday night, you were right! Our song, Afrosound, from the Evolucíon Album was used on HBO’s Mini Documentary Sports Series 24/7.

We had the pleasure of spending some time last month with a great friend of ours, Sandra Palacios from El Nuevo Herald and spoke to her about what was coming from Locos por Juana in the NEW year, the NEW album, and on the NEW tour.

One of our local jewels, funk pan-Latin band Locos Por Juana recently came out with their latest single “Mueve, Mueve” and we had the honor of sitting down with their lead singer Itawe Correa and bass player David Parnsky at Panther for fresh joe and a captivating chat. We blabbed about details surrounding their music, the particularities of Miami and the evolution of the artist.


Locos Por Juana Signs Record Deal With Rock The Moon Productions